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Corsica Travel Information

Corsica is a land of character. Observe its environment and you will understand its history... Its tormented geology gave birthto an exceptional natural heritage, as many places to daydream. Certainly, this unusual and authentic, Corsica will surprise you!
The 67 Genoese towers which studded the Corsican coastline, the Calanche de Piana, the remains of Filitosa, or even thebeauty of the reserve of Scandola, are marks of time that have shaped its unique contours. Struck by the tumult of the past, Corsica offers a remarkable built area: Romanesque and baroque churches, prestigehomes... And if over your wanderings, you come across charming villages hostels, hesitate a second to push the door.
Enjoy a holiday in the lovely town of Porto Vecchio in southern Corsica.  Explore the Genoese fortifications, stroll around the harbour and marina or linger over a coffee in the main square.  Nearby you’ll find lovely beaches, the Castellu d’Aragio and the Point of the Chiappa.  Or take a boat trip to Croisieres San Antonio and the Lavezzi Isles.

Transfers : approx 2 hours 30 minutes