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French Alps Travel Information

Noted for its stunning beauty, alpine lakes, ski resorts and sumptuous cuisine, the French Alps is a region that isn’t easy surpassed.
The French Alps is home to many small spa towns and lake surrounded cities. Annecy is a picturesque old town with a triangular-shaped, 12th Century Palais de I’Isle in the centre of the river Thiou. The main street, Rue Ste Claire, is lined with prehistoric arcaded buildings crisscrossed by canals. Meanwhile, the 17th Century church of St Francois is well worth a visit for its quaint romantic charm.
The Alps’ main city is Grenoble, a breathtaking mountain setting where the River Drac joins Isere. The Winter Olympic Games of 1968 gave the town a cash injection and cultural overhaul meaning that today the city has a technological flavour, with microchip industries alongside the haste of modern traffic. The city’s cultural scene has not been left behind however. Musee de Grenoble hosts a vast painting collection from the 16th Century onwards and includes the famed works of Chagall and Matisse.