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Perpignan Travel Information

Perpignan is in the south of France near the Mediterranean Sea and only 30km from Spain.

Perpignan is known for its wonderful climate and one of the sunniest places in France, even in winter. A warm welcome awaits from the locals, a beautiful coastline & an interesting history.

Ancient cities, thermal springs, cathedrals, abbeys, mountains, lakes & rivers & the famous mountain fortress of Cathar Castle. There is so much to do and see here.

You will find traditional French dishes as well as Catalan Tapas here featuring local ingredients such as olives and figs.  Seafood features highly too thanks to the close proximity to the coast.  Perpignan’s most dominant monument, the Palace of the Kings of Mallorca sprawls over a huge area to the south of the old town. Built in 1276, the castle was later refortified with massive red-brick walls by Louis XIV's military engineer, Vauban. These days the star-shaped citadel is sparsely furnished, but its great battlements and strategic defences still give a sense of the Mallorcan kings’ might. Views from the ramparts stretch over Perpignan’s terracotta rooftops to the coast.