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Channel Islands Travel Information

Just off the coast of France, the islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney offer exquisite coastlines, stunning harbours and traditional charm. Subtropical plants, outstanding bird life and sumptuous local seafood all co-exist here in the Gulf of St Malo.
Ferries dock and planes land at the two larger islands, Jersey and Guernsey. Access to the islands from England and France is particularly convenient. Jersey is traditionally seen as the isle with the most to offer to visitors looking for activities. The islands have a rich history surrounding World War Two so it’s worth taking a trip to see the Jersey War Tunnels, a partially completed World War Two underground bunker that later acted as an underground hospital. Elizabeth Castle, situated on a tidal island off St Aubin’s Bay was built in the 16th Century, undergoing modifications in more recent years. The castle is accessible by foot when the tide is out or by a small ferry.
The isle of Sark, to the north west of Jersey, is the crown jewel of the Channel Islands and offers tranquility beyond the two larger islands. Set between mature woodland and flower-covered granite walls lie the Le Seigneurie Gardens. The gardens provide a beautiful sheltered haven from the windswept coastline, a frost-free shelter that is home to many plants and shrubs, which cannot survive on the majority of parts of the mainland British Isles.