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Aberdeen Travel Information

Aberdeen, the capital of the Grampian Highlands, in the north-east of Scotland, is known as the Granite City. With a delightful skyline, Aberdeen is a modern, cosmopolitan town, with a wonderful history. Aberdeen sits at the mouth of the River Dee. The river valley boasts some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery. From its source, high in the Cairngorm Mountains, through magnificent scenery, passing Balmoral Castle on its way, the valley is well worth exploring. Aberdeen city offers a fine range of shops, restaurants, bars and a busy cultural agenda.

The area around Aberdeen offers a whole host of places to explore, with five dedicated trails operating from Aberdeen – Castle, Victorian Heritage, Malt Whisky, Coastal and Stone Circle. Of course, there’s no need to follow a dedicated trail, you can explore the area at your leisure, with the vast empty beaches and pretty fishing villages along the coast to visit.

Inland from Aberdeen, you’ll find the Cairngorms National Park. With landscapes as diverse as wild tundra, towering peaks, and ancient pinewoods, home to red deer and golden eagles. As well as spectacular wildlife, there are charming towns and villages to explore. Mainly found along the Don, Dee and Spey, these places all have their own characters and usually colourful pasts to discover. The National Park draws people from far and wide, from those wishing to walk and climb in beautiful scenery, to those hoping for good snow at one of the three ski centres.